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City of Camdenton
POB 1048
Camdenton, MO 65020

Scott Christensen
Director of Community Developm
Tel: 573-346-3600
Fax: 573-346-2926

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Camdenton is a great place to live. We are proud of our community's excellent schools, clean air, scenic splendor, and family values.

What can we do for you in the City of Camdenton?

Camdenton is attractive to businesses because there is no property tax, we have competitive wage rates, low sewer and water rates, low crime, and offer a wonderful community for raising a family.

Where is Camdenton?

Camdenton is located in Camden County in South Central Missouri in the heart of the Ozark Region. Native American tribes of the Osage and Delaware Indians originally populated the area. The French are responsible for the naming of the region "AuxArcs," pronounced, "Ozark." Early white settlement began in 1827 and the County of Old Kinderhook, later renamed Camden County, was established in 1841.

Why choose Camdenton?

Camdenton is the place to be for family fun, business, and economic expansion.