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City Of Sutton
P. O. Box 430
Sutton, NE 68979

Peter Olson
City Administrator
Tel: 402-773-4225
Fax: 402-773-5501

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The City of Sutton currently utilizes multiple organization and political subdivision to encourage economic development in Sutton. The members of each these different organizations plays a vital role in developing the community. In addition to the city council these different organizations are involved in the development of the community:

Community Redevelopment Authority is a political subdivision of the city of sutton, which has the ability to move forward with development projects within the community. The authority has the ability to use many different tools including Tax Increment Financing to provide suitable areas for economic development.

Housing Authority currently operates the Nolde Center a group of apartments for elderly citizens. The authority has many of the same powers as the Community Redevelopment Authority to help promote suitable and safe housing within the community.

Sutton Development Corporation is a non-profit corporation which fosters economic development within the City of Sutton. In addition to prospecting for industry to locate in Sutton, the Corporation is concentrating on retention and expansion of present business and industry.

Planning and Zoning Commission is charged with completing a comprehensive plan to direct the different area's of growth within the community. This ability allows the city to zone the appropriate area's in the community for housing, business and industry.

Current Projects undertaken by these different groups include a feasibility study for a new hotel located on Highway 6, and A new Housing Development located in the north part of Sutton.