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Nebraska Public Power
P.O. Box 499
Columbus, NE 68602-0499

Rick J. Nelsen
Economic Development Manager
Tel: 800-282-6773 Ext. 5534
Fax: 402 563 5090

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Are you striving to maximize productivity and profitability? When it comes to expanding or locating a new facility, selecting the "perfect" location is critical to your success. Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) will provide valuable assistance to help you find that "perfect" and "profitable" location.

NPPD’s Economic Development Team helps companies with their site location process. Our services blend cutting-edge technology such as online, searchable databases ( with the “human touch” of our Economic Development Consultants. Our role can be as little as supplying the information you require or as extensive as guiding you through the entire site selection process from gathering community proposals to identifying information and financial resources to facilitating final negotiations at the local level. These services will save you time, money, and effort.

Allow us to help you with: Community Information, Available Buildings, Available Sites, Customized Research, Site Visitations, and State and Local Incentives.

Nebraska Public Power District is chartered in 91 of Nebraska's 93 counties. Community information, available sites and buildings, Census data, demographic data, industries profitability studies, and more can be found on our Web site,

Just call or email us and we will help you find that "perfect" and "profitable" location and enjoy our low electric costs!