Norfolk 5,853 Sq. Ft.

Address 1402 Husker Road
City Norfolk
NE State Resources/Incentives

Type Industrial
Additional Land
Sq. Ft. Available 5,853
Loading Docks
Ceiling Height 16
Number of Floors 1
On Site Parking Yes
Nearest Interstate U.S. Highway 275
Miles to Interstate US Hwy 275 adjacent; I-29 is 70 miles east
Rail Yes
Nearest Airport Sioux Gateway Airport and Omaha Eppley Airfield
Miles to Airport 80 and 119 miles respectively
Natural Gas Yes
Municipal Water No
Municipal Sewer No
Electric Available Yes
Sale or Lease Both

Contact Name Rick J. Nelsen
Contact Title Economic Development Manager
For More Info Nebraska Public Power
Web Address
Contact e-mail
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Karl Stefan Memorial Airport in Norfolk has two 5,800' paved and lighted runways with full instrument landing system. $350,000 or lease at $2500 per month. Sioux Gateway Airport is 80 miles and Omaha Epplye Airfield is 119 miles.