Is your Company benefiting from opportunities granted to other businesses throughout the United States by state and local governments? Your competitors may be receiving millions of dollars of benefits from incentives and credits granted each year to attract their investments in capital and people.

Such opportunities are available to your Company if you have or are considering constructing new facilities, expanding existing operations, acquiring or consolidating operations, undertaking routine investments such as replacing equipment or upgrading your technologies, creating employment, and training new or existing employees. You may even be eligible for benefits for retaining your existing workforce.

incentis group is a national practice of incentives and credits professionals with extensive experience throughout the United States. Our professionals have over half a century of combined experience and have secured hundreds of millions of dollars of incentive and tax credit benefits for Fortune 500 corporations as well as middle market companies.

Allow incentis group to uncover the opportunities that your company is eligible to receive. Our professionals will enhance your return on investments and increase your bottom line.

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