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With annual sales of $6.6 billion, Praxair, Inc. (NYSE:PX) is a global, Fortune 500 company that supplies atmospheric, process and specialty gases, high-performance coatings, and related services and technologies.

Praxair's primary products are:
  • atmospheric gases -- oxygen, nitrogen, argon and rare gases (produced when air is purified, compressed, cooled, distilled and condensed), and
  • process & specialty gases -- carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, semiconductor process gases, and acetylene (produced as by-products of chemical production or recovered from natural gas).
The company also designs, engineers and constructs cryogenic and non-cryogenic supply systems.

Praxair Surface Technologies is a subsidiary that applies metallic and ceramic coatings and powders to metal surfaces in order to resist wear, high temperatures and corrosion.

Praxair adopted its name in 1992, from the Greek word "praxis", or practical application, and "air", our primary raw material. The company was originally founded in 1907 when it was the first company in North America to commercialize cryogenically separated oxygen.

Over the near century of its existence, Praxair has remained a leader in the development of processes and technologies that have revolutionized the industrial gases industry. The company introduced the first distribution system for liquid gas in 1917, and developed on-site gas supply by the end of WWII. In the 1960s, Praxair introduced non-cryogenic means of air separation, and since then has continued to introduce innovative applications technologies for various industries. The company holds almost 3,000 patents.

Praxair serves a wide range of industries: food and beverages, healthcare, semiconductors, chemicals, refining, primary metals and metal fabrication, as well as other areas of general industry.