FastFacility™ is the new, innovative, GIS-driven database site search tool designed to be used by expanding companies, consultants and other prospects who are seeking available buildings and/or sites.

Developed by Area Development Magazine, Westbury, New York and Evince Corporation, Toronto, Canada, it utilizes the original tenets of the Internet, by providing corporate end-users and other site seekers with free access to its large, well-organized database that lists thousands of available properties worldwide. This state-of-the-art database allows prospects to complete site searches that will locate — within seconds — selected properties that match their exact project criteria.

FastFacility’s objective — “Everywhere in one place” — is to catalog on one master site the thousands of existing database listings maintained by economic developers and make them easily available and accessible to site prospects 24/7.

With more than 80% of current site searches beginning with the availability of buildings and sites, FastFacility is an invaluable resource for companies with immediate projects and current site needs through its up-to-date, real-time listings — all in a single website that eliminates the hassle of locating and accessing multiple sources for similar information.

FastFacility provides a real-time and efficient site location solution for the fast-moving and challenging real estate requirements of today’s corporate prospects. It is supported by an aggressive television advertising campaign on CNN and direct marketing program targeting more than 150,000 corporate decision makers, and is designed to increase direct response and inquiry efficiency from prospects with immediate location needs through a closed-end response system. If prospects want to obtain further details and/or pricing on a specific building or site, they are required to contact the economic developer named on that listing via direct e-mail link.

FastFacility creates an even playing field for all economic developers during any site search. A prospect searching a state for the property fitting his or her project’s exact criteria will receive all the available properties listed statewide — whether a listing area is part of a large MSA or a small rural community. Properties matching the prospect’s criteria are delivered to the prospect regardless of the building or site location — making everyone a “player” in a FastFacility search.

FastFacility offers several advanced user features:

  • FastFacility’s cutting-edge technology provides every listing with full GIS mapping (U.S.and Canada only) and daily listing updates, which allow site prospects to find up-to-date solutions to their worldwide industrial real estate needs.
  • FastFacility manages a prospect’s project search in real time through its exclusive Portfolio Manager, an online project-management system that organizes individual searches and provides instant updates to any new listings meeting the property criteria.

FastFacility can also provide a custom-designed, GIS-driven building and site database platform for any economic development website at a very low annual cost. For more information on FastFacility’s custom-designed platform services and how they can be linked directly to any existing website, visit Marketing Information on

For more information on the FastFacility program contact Dennis Shea:

Dennis Shea
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Tel: 516 338 0900
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