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Yakima County Development Association
P.O. Box 1387
Yakima, WA 98907

Lisa Pearl Smith
Business Development Director
Tel: 5095751140
Fax: 5095751508

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New Vision, the Yakima County Development Association, is a one-stop source for all the information and assistance that is available to local businesses from a network of government agencies, chamber of commerce, colleges and universities, and other important non-profit service providers.

The Development Association’s professional staff provides quick confidential assistance for business. One call to our office connects a Yakima County business owner or manager with all the assistance and information that’s available on: • Government-backed loans • Industrial revenue bonds • Tax credits and incentives • Job skills training and education • Permitting and licensing and • Sources of goods/services for manufacturing.

The Yakima County Development Association also has primary responsibility for marketing our area to the outside world. It helps companies and investors from other counties, states and countries understand the opportunities and costs of doing business here.

New Vision coordinates and professionalizes all the points of contact a potential outside investor may have with our local market. Our close working relationships with chambers of commerce, cities, government agencies, and private sector stakeholders helps companies get help with everything from siting to financing,

We are also a confidential resource for: • Identifying and calculating potential operating costs- energy, taxes, labor, etc. for the Yakima County area • Securing tax credits and deferrals • Obtaining special assistance for foreign investors in permitting, including visas, and permanent resident petitions • Making introductions to local corporate and government decision makers and • Learning general information, specifications, and data on topics ranging from demographics and economy to resources and livability.