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Saginaw Future Inc.
515 N. Washington Ave., 3rd Floor
Saginaw, MI 48607

Greg Lamarr
Communications Manager
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Locate in Saginaw County, MI, USA! part of the Great Lakes Bay Region Pulled from a recent list of site selection factors, let Saginaw Future show you what Saginaw County has to offer. -Highway accessibility - Interstate 75 connects you to the US, Canada and Mexico -Cost structure - Consistently one of the most affordable communities in the U.S. -Skilled labor - Strong manufacturing history, 12 educational institutions in the region -State and local incentives - From tax-free Renaissance Zones to financing & infrastructure grants -Available land and buildings - Online property database in place, shovel ready property, solar sites identified -Energy availability - Robust infrastructure in place -Proximity to major markets - Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Detroit, Chicago, Canada, Midwest -Synergies and suppliers - One of the world's leading producer of polycrystalline silicon & dynamic industrial facilities -Health Care - home to five major hospital facilities that provide a wide array of medical services -Quality of Life - 541 acres of park land, 26 public & private golf courses, 82-acre trail system

Saginaw County is located in the central portion of the lower peninsula, in the heart of manufacturing country adjacent to the industrial and agricultural centers of the state. Saginaw County also is home to numerous tourist destinations and near many more.

Advanced Manufacturing - It's in our DNA Saginaw County is home to 205 manufacturers according to the U.S. Census 2009 County Business Patterns report with an annual combined payroll of $605,188,000.

Medical Technology - Capture potential The direct impact of health care in Saginaw County amounted to more than $1.7 billion in direct and indirect revenue in 2010. The Great Lakes Bay impact of health care totaled nearly $2.7 billion for 2010.

Renewable Energy - Energizing the world Green Tech Media states that Michigan will be the number 2 location in the country for new solar and PV facilities due to workforce opportunities, incentives, energy costs and demand.

Professional Services & Technology - At your service High-tech and service related companies, such as AT&T, Morley Companies and Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance have thrived in Saginaw County. They serve as technological and workforce drivers in the community. Morley Companies invested $7.7 million in 2011 creating 911 jobs.

Agribusiness - We are growing Saginaw County is 23rd in the nation in sugarbeets harvested, 28th in the nation in dry edible beans harvested and third in soybeans harvested in the State of Michigan. Saginaw County is also home to numerous food processing manufacturers.

Retail & Tourism - Make Memories Saginaw and the Great Lakes Bay Region enjoy a 15 percent higher level of employment dedicated to retail than the nation and 14 percent higher than the State of Michigan. The City of Frankenmuth in Saginaw County is the State of Michigan's #1 Tourist Destination.

Established in 1992, Saginaw Future Inc. is a public-private alliance of local businesses, the County of Saginaw, City of Saginaw, 15 local municipalities and the Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce. SFI’s strategic partners also include education, labor and government.

Since its beginning, Saginaw Future has remained dedicated to fostering quality job creation through expansion of local industry and attraction of new business projects to the community. Because business conditions have changed and evolved, Saginaw Future has responded with value-added programs to deliver solutions for economic development issues that are important to the local business community.