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Zaragoza Sur #1300 Piso A1 / Despacho 112 Col. Centro
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon 64000

Brenda Gonzalez
Marketing Manager
Tel: 011-52-81-8150-3572
Fax: 0

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GP Desarrollos is Mexico´s leading real estate developer for logistics and manufacturing facilieties with over 3.5 million square feet built and a land reserve over 2,000 acres with abailavity in several strategic locations such as Aguascalientes, Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosi and Nuevo Leon.

Its parent company, Grupo GP was founded in 1986, dedicated to meet global market dynamics in the need for space and compliance with upscale features for investment. As a result, GP Desarrollos became responsible for creating Mexico´s first private industrial park at the northeastern region, detonating opportunities for both domescis and foreing direct invesment.

Competitive Advantades: Technical Capabilities Guaranted Quality Sustainable Projects Strategic Alliances Corporate Social Responsability