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Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Growth
2 Queen Street East, 3rd Floor
Toronto, ON M5C 3G7

Tania Cassin-Kendall
Site Planning and Coordination Unit, Ontario Investment Office
Tel: 1-855-585-0475
Fax: 416-325-6520

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Set your sites on Ontario

Ontario is at the frontline of technological convergence. This is where the next generation of autonomous vehicles are being created. Itís where cutting-edge robotics and automation streamline advanced manufacturing processes. Itís where the next big medical breakthrough will come from. And itís where major industry players choose to locate.

At the Ontario Investment Office, we deliver tailor insight and intelligence on taxes, regulations, incentives and immigration. We help investors build relationships with all level of government and across supply chains.

To support real estate requirements for greenfield investments, we offer streamlined and customized site selection services, including confidential property searches, and permitting and approvals coordination. We also offer pre-qualified premium sites through the Investment Ready: Certified Site Program, the first province-wide program of its kind in Canada.

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