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Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 550
Pensacola, FL 32591

Mike Frey
Vice President, Economic Devel
Tel: 850-438-4081
Fax: 850-438-6389

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Welcome to the Pensacola Bay Area, closer to New Orleans than to Miami or Orlando, closer to pre-boom Florida than anywhere else. The Bay Area is where water and land melt together, neither a "retirement community" not some contrived, expensive, planned community. It's a thriving, culturally rich, historically-rooted metro that about 500,000 smart, progressive people call home.

The Pensacola Bay Area is a community of communities linked by bayous, slips, marinas, salt marshes, shrimp boats, mooring, rivers, the Intercoastal Waterway, and of course, "the Bay" -- stunning!

With a savvy work force, access to top-quality educational facilities, an abundance of shovel ready business sites, a modern, efficient airport and an international port -- this well-balanced economy has cooperative local governments with aggressive economic incentives. These factors combined with an exceedingly comfortable cost of living and cost of doing business provide fertile ground for business development.

We invite you to explore the Pensacola Bay Area... Where Thousands live the way Millions wish they could.