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Winston Salem Business, Inc.
1080 West Fourth St.
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Robert E. Leak Jr.
Tel: 336-723-8955 / 800-220-WSBI
Fax: 336-761-1069

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Located within 600 miles of half the entire population of the United States, Winston-Salem's convenient access, experienced workforce, competitive tax rate and enviable weather combine to create an attractive location for companies and their employees.

Expanding beyond its deep manufacturing roots, this city continues to reinvent itself as a thriving community for the new economy. Winston-Salem is a banking, technology and distribution center. Add two internationally renowned medical centers, one of the country's leading universities and a burgeoning technical research park and you have the ingredients for opportunity

Winston-Salem - Never more than a day away from all major cities on the eastern seaboard.