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Liberty County Development Authority
425 West Oglethorpe Hwy.
Hinesville, GA 31313

Jessica Hood
Project Manager
Tel: 912-368-3356
Fax: 912-368-5585

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Companies have found Liberty County, GA to offer the assets and tools they need to be successful in a global economy. Liberty County is home to four companies that are headquartered overseas. In addition, Liberty County's existing industries are aggressive exporters, exporting to over 70 countries throughout the world.

Liberty County also boasts two sites, Tradeport East Business Center & Tradeport West Business Center, that have been designated as Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development (GRAD) by the Georgia Allies. In Liberty County, companies will find aggressive incentives like a large foreign trade zone in Tradeport East & West and state job tax credits. Tradeport East & West are also strategically located just 30 minutes from the port of Savannah, which is a gateway to the world for importing and exporting.

The military retirees and spouses from Fort Stewart provide an excellent supplement to Liberty County's traditional workforce. Each month 200 - 300 soldiers exit the military, and a significant number of them elect to stay in the Liberty County area. These "Heroes for Hire" are drug free, cross-trained, computer savvy, and possess a strong work ethic. There are also approximately 13,000 military spouses living in the Liberty County area.

The Liberty County Development Authority (LCDA) has embraced the green movement. In Tradeport East, IDI, the LCDA's private development partner, has constructed a 502,854 SF speculative building that has been Silver LEED certified by the U.S. Green Buildings Council. The LCDA is also constructing a state-of-the-art water reclamation facility that will utilize membrane bioreactor technology and allow the LCDA to be as environmentally sensitive as possible. In addition, water re-use lines or "purple pipe" have been installed in Tradeport East and will allow the LCDA to use reclaimed water for irrigation and other non-potable uses.

The LCDA hopes to leverage initiatives like the city of Hinesville's sister city relationship with the city of Yichun in China to help increase awareness and encourage foreign investment in Liberty County.

Liberty County has proven to be a place where companies, both foreign and domestic, can grow globally. To find out more about how companies can grow globally, please contact us.