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Where Do We Grow From Here?
Moving or expanding a company can take many forms, from locating near headquarters to moving cross-country and letting technology fill in the gaps.

Designing Outside the "Box"
The days of manufacturing facilities that resemble cinder blocks are a thing of the past; today the entire operational structure has an impact on plant design.

Wanted: Secure Locations
Due to the increased awareness of the threat of terrorists over the last few years, corporate owners now factor security risks into site selection decisions.

A New Approach for a New Facility
For companies that are dreaming about a new facility, but are hesitant to put the time and money into a build-to-suit or cannot find the ideal building to lease, build-to-suit-to-lease might be just what they have been looking for.

The Importance of Quality of Life
Whether it is about a community's "soft" investments or about things to do, quality-of-life issues can play a significant role in the site selection process.

Heading for the Home Office
When small towns land big firms, the ripple effect of economic benefits can spread throughout the local business community and last for many years.

Maximize Profit and Minimize Risk?
Two industry experts offer some tips and advice for those companies that are looking to locate, staff, and operate a new call center.

Brownfields - Are they Worth the Risk?
Brownfields Are Being Noticed - In Many Cases They Offer A Company Free Land, But Not Without Serious Cleanup And Redevelopment Concerns.

Corporate Collapse: Discounted Space
As More And More Large-Scale Corporations Fall Apart, Smaller Companies Are Benefitting From The Vacancies Left Behind In Buildings And Facilities.

Designing for Success
The Creative Design Of Corporate Workspaces Is A Vital Tool In The Success Of Company Goals.

Do You Have A Real Estate Strategy?
Your Company's CRE Functions Should Fit Seamlessly Into An Integrated Business Plan, With An Eye Toward Boosting Revenues Through Effective Management.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
As Leases Come Closer To Expiring, And Rent Rates Continue To Rise, There Are Many Factors To Be Considered When Deciding Whether To Renew Or Relocate.

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